Football is a contact sport, period. Injuries are going to happen, players are taught from a very young age how to hit, and precautions are taken to limit the number of injuries. With the number of concussions and new studies on the lasting affects of head injuries have prompted rules against direct hits to the head (helmet to helmet), from  peewee teams, YFL and Pop Warner teams, middle school, high school, college and profession, all have punishments for players who continue to ignore the danger.

Honestly though, what do we expect when these guys are basically covered in body armour made to help absorb the impact of hits.

Sadly it seems there are many players who either do not get there are real dangers involved, both to themselves and other players. Or maybe they just don't care.

Even with on going research to improve the protection provided by pads and helmets players continue to get injured. Adding new rules, sanctions, and fines has not really seemed to help prevent guys from taking these illegal hits on each other, so is there a solution to get guys to take these types of hits down a notch?

Here is my thought, remember in the old days pads were not as thick and helmets were made of leather, with no face mask.

There were still injuries, but nothing like what we see these days.

Maybe switching back to leather helmets, no face masks,  lighter weight pads and bigger punishments for breaking the rules would help cut down on the cheap shots many players routinely make these days, just a thought...

Check out this cheap shot, Will Quinton of Alabama takes on quarterback Aaron Murray of Georgia in the SEC Championship Game over the weekend and see the kind of hits I'm talking about. And this one slipped past the ref's without a call... NO COOL BRO!