I'm not going to give any particulars because I don't want to get anybody in trouble, but are LISD Police "real cops"?  I was doing in the neighborhood of 60-65 on the interstate and two of them blew by me like I was standing still. No lights, no siren, just haulin' ass.  Can they do that?

First off, I understand why LISD has cops, but why cop cars?  Do we not have enough cops for each campus? Also, do they have any "real" power or do they just detain suspects and break up fights until the Lubbock cops get there?  Are they they ones helping deal with the unruly teens who have let their hair grow past their collars, or do they do drug search's? I really have no idea if LISD cops are more like mall cops or more like Lubbock police.  Finally, are they allowed to speed to the scene of a crime, or just speed because they have a fake cop car?