This is a commercial for a new set of Lego toys that are specifically geared towards young girls. They're called Lego Friends and they include female characters with slim figures and stylish clothes, as well as new locations to build like the "Butterfly Beauty Shop" and a "Your Fashion Designer Workshop." And now for some reason some health and equal rights organizations are saying that they'll give young girls bad body self-images and that they're promoting sexism.

Well yeah, a lot of toys are sexist because they're specifically geared towards boys or girls. This is stupid as hell, and people need to shut up. They're Legos. They just might give your young girl a desire to grow up and become and architect, or engineer, or interior designer or whatever. It's about imagination. And when we take that away we hurt our kids more then when we try to protect them. Don't be a stupid. Besides they all have weirdly oversized heads but I don't expect young girls to all of a sudden think their heads are too small and want head augmentation surgery, do you? Nope.