I don't think there has been a more dangerous culinary experience invented in my lifetime than "deep frying" a turkey. You can make fun of the Japanese eating those poison blowfish all you want, more people are burning stuff up than all the poisoned sushi eaters combined. I have the facts to back that up on the other side.


According to Insweb.com (an insurance website) there are 4300  fires, 15 deaths, and 27 million dollars on Thanksgiving, and much of it is blamed on Turkey Fryer accidents. Here's another interesting fact, most of the turkey fryer fires start before a turkey is even added to the oil.

Now, I'll correct myself a bit. Yes "Fugu" the poisoned blowfish does kill about as twice as many people as turkey fires. Overall though,  Fugu is safer because it doesn't burn the skin off your arms, set your driveway on fire or ruin a family holiday. Then again, we haven't tried deep frying Fugu yet either.

I found this silly song about Turkey Fryer Fires. if nothing else, turn down the sound and watch the flames.