You may see a weird red square popping up on some of your friends Facebook profiles.  That's the "marriage equality symbol".  It's just a way of saying that you think all loving couples should have the right to be married.  More after the jump.

I don't care what you or any other people do in the bedroom. It's not my business.  What I care about is that if two people  chose to make a life together and one dies, the other has no rights.  They can't bury them, they can't get the default life insurance, nothing. It just doesn't seem fair.

It's time to stop think of gays marrying as a threat to marriage. The only real threat to marriage is ANYBODY, gay or straight, who takes the commitment lightly.  In other words, people who marry three or four times are a much higher risk to making marriage meaningless than a gay couple that stays together.

You may not believe it, but you know and love more gay people than you think.  With just one spin around in this lifetime, they have have a right to be happy too.

All of this is coming about because of a challenge to a California law in the Supreme Court.  The court is likely to rule that they don't even have a right to rule in this matter, so neither side is likely to be happy with the decision.  It will, however, open the door for further challenges.

Lastly, yeah, there are some that say changing a Facebook status to this square isn't really going to accomplish much (see the graphic below, which I find hilarious), I kind of disagree.  Anytime you let people know that you don't tolerate hate, you're taking a tiny step towards creating a better world for everyone to live in.