Arejay Hale drummer of Halestorm has posted a video blog from their headlining tour in Manchester, England.

There isn't enough words to describe how awesome Arejay Hale of Halestorm is. I have had the opportunity to interview him several times and he is just the best.


I have seen many many drummers from all genres and I will put Arejay Hale very close to the top of the list. His passion for rock music just oozes from each and every set when they perform.

In a world full of "rock star" ego's there isn't one member of Halestorm that has shown any of that. The band basically got there start here in Lubbock when they were an opening band for Seether back in the day. I believe that Halestorm will always have a special for Lubbock in their heart.

Check out Arejay Hale checking in from the road and hopefully will get Halestorm back very soon.