Tom Hamilton; the bassist for Areosmith, was treated five years ago for tumors on his tongue.  At that time he received chemotherapy and was given a thumbs up that he was cancer free. However; he has recently been told the cancer is back and that it has spread to his throat.After learing the cancer had returned and has spread to his throat, Hamilton realized he could be facing never being able to speak again and had to make some decisions on how to proceed. So he contacted  Dr. Steven Zeitels, a specialist who has devised a new form of laser treatment for cancer. But it had never been tried on the tongue area before."

Going into the surgery Hamilton was terrified he would not be able to speak when he woke up. He says the first thing he did as he was coming to was to make a noise, that when he realized he could and that it felt normal he felt like he had won the lottery.

As of today Hamilton is doing great. He is fully recovered from the surgery and will be joining the band for their upcoming tour of South American and Japan.

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