Ashton Kutcher played a dipsh#t one "The 70's Show".  Off screen he was supposed to be a genius who just fell into acting.  Truth is, he's a dipsh#t off screen as well. He gave us the t.v. show "Pranked" which was just a rip off of Candid Camera (the only addition being he pranked fellow douche bag celebrities revealing them to be whiny little babies).  He then pimped cameras and various technologies, sucked ass in a few movies and then landed in Two and A Half Men.  Read more after the break.

Two and A Half men now gets half the viewers it's debut with Ashton had.  It's no longer "Must See T.V'.  Kutcher further f@cked things up by Tweeting his support of Joe Paterno before having all the facts of the Penn State sex scandal.

With his wife, Demi Moore, he did help a few charities.  He then cheated on his wife with a dumb-ass bimbo who wears logoed robes so she can get paid to tell who she's slept with.

With all of this under his belt, I'm ready to name Ashton Kutcher "The Douchebag Of The Year".   Now you may want to throw Jerry Sandusky in here, but I define "douchebaggery" as "someone acting like an assh@le because they can", not "someone acting in evil and depraved ways because they can".

So what are your thoughts? It's just November and I think we already have a winner.  And isn't it funny that we're talking about CHARLIE SHEENS REPLACEMENT, instead of Charlie Sheen?

P.S. What the f@ck is that thing on his head in the picture? Is that the reservoir tip?