One of the bands that had a whole lot of buzz behind them were Asking Alexandria and just as everyone expected they delivered what was an epic performance!

When I talked to Danny this past Saturday at The FMX Freakfest he told us that we would see an incredible performance and he did not let us down.

I am very stoked to see Asking Alexandria turning into this huge band and staying very humble to all of us here in Lubbock. If you were at the show and saw Asking Alexandria then you might have seen Danny making some side stage appearances as he was making a very impressive hip motion to where I was standing at on the side stage.

It has been a rumor that Danny will take some time off and tour with his side project Harlot and it would be great to get Danny back in Lubbock and support his side project. But do not get upset this is only a temporary gig until he joins Asking Alexandria but this is all just rumor.

I hope you saw Asking Alexandria so checkout my live interview with Danny Of Asking and get your horns up!