I have been hearing about this movie for quite sometime and it just started making the rounds of the premium channels.  Now before we go any further, my reviews are spoiler free so you don't have to worry about me ruining the movie for you.  Now, there's only one thing that may "put you off" in this movie and it's these kids have heavy, heavy English accents, plus use a lot of hip-hop slang.  There are times you really won't know what the hell the kids are saying.  More after the jump.

Once again, nothing I write here will spoil the movie for ya, so don't worry.  When the flick starts you're introduced to a street gang of teens and preteens (in fact some are so unlikeable at first you're hoping they get killed off).  There's some fireworks celebration going on in their neighborhood, so an alien invasion goes somewhat unnoticed by everyone but them.  Having somewhat of a gang mentality (and not really knowing at the time what they're up against) the kids decide to protect their neighborhood. In the meantime the kids have to deal with mad drug dealers as well as a former victim of their own misdeeds.

There's two types of aliens the kids deal with, and the second type I love.  I've read several books where the "evil beings" or what ever are described as so black that it's almost like the reverse of light and in this movie it's done really well.

Once again, these kids speech almost calls for subtitles, but the action more than makes up for it.  I'm giving it 4.5 out of 5 Nightmares!