In some way, somewhere, we've been touched by some kind invention from the great Ray Dolby. You've probably seen countless movies showcasing full Dolby Digital Surround Sound, and many other things you may've not known about. Today we salute and celebrate Dolby's life.

Dolby sadly lost a tough battle with leukemia last week on September 12th.

The Oregon native and Cambridge University student made his everlasting mark on the world with his prowess and knowledge of audio technology. Dolby launched Surround Sound back in '82, then later in '86, launched Dolby Spectral Recording. Flash forward to today and you can still find all kinds of Dolby-made or Dolby-influenced products in many homes everywhere.

The audio world, if not the entertainment world, was forever changed thanks to Dolby and his products. When it comes to what Dolby did, he was a true pioneer. Here's to Ray and his family, and may he forever rest in peace.