Everyone knows I am a sports junky, if I am not working, I am usually watching some sport either live or on TV. It doesn't matter what sport it is either, football, baseball, basketball, I've even learned about soccer over the past five years and have watched several games without being made to do so.I am a total sucker for the Olympics, "the big game," the World Series, even Tour de France. There is just something about watching a game (or event) where the best of the best go up against each other that make sports even more exciting,

I get the reason behind a ban on steroids for athletes, and the need to test for their usage to make sure they are the best because they work for it and have the talent, not because they use performance enhancing drugs.

What I do not get is how an athlete can be tested SEVERAL hundred times, test negative and STILL be stripped of titles.

And apparently neither do the people of Austin, Texas.

I'm glad to see the people of Austin standing behind Lance Armstrong, the dude has fought his way to the top and deserves to be there, PERIOD.

It seems to me if someone is going to be stripped of their title of best in the world, it should be within months of winning such a title, not YEARS LATER!