It turns out the guys, or at least some of the guys, in Avenged Sevenfold are true Rock Stars.  By "true rock stars" I mean modern day pirates-the pretty much rage and pillage.  Evidently they stretch a makeshift tent between two trailers, hang a disco ball, and encourage young lovelies to bump and grind to a disco beat.  Now when our confidential source went by, all the women they he saw were dancing naked (and some were making out with each other).  He is also confident he saw M. Shadows bustin' a move with the ladies.

So if you saw or know a pretty lady who had a bright green pass Tuesday night, there's a chance they did some dirty dancing after the show (and who knows what else).  Hey, they're all consenting adults right?  It must be great to be a rock star!

Check out some "Insane In the Brain" remix by Naked Disco