I had seen some of my friends post about this "burger map". Supposedly the map analyzed "tweets" to see what burger place people talked about most, thus naming it the "favorite" place for that area.  Well there's a big problem when you look at "Lubbock, Texas".

peekanalytics .com

My favorite burger places in Lubbock are Whataburger and Wildburger.  You may love some Five Guys or Even Mickey Dees or Burger King.  There's even a few other chains and independent locations that are really good.  So according to the "burger map", what is the #1 Burger Place in Lubbock, Texas?  That would be the one and only "Crown Burgers".  Uh, I've never heard of it.  I then looked it up and found out that "Crown Burgers" is a Utah based burger chain.  There's no location in Lubbock.  So much for this research.