The Hub City is in for a bit of a treat tonight when AWOLNation hits the Pavilion.  Lubbock was lucky enough to be on the path to other shows the band had on its tour itinerary.  AWOLNation has been drawing rave reviews for their unique sound and fantastic live show.  More after the jump.


We're looking at a 10% chance of rain and a high in the low 70's.  I guess that doesn't matter because we're indoors, but it's still going to be a nice night to jam out.  AWOLNation is just such a great example of how you can completely rock out like a mutha without grinding and going aggro.  Do yourself a favor and check out this show tonight.  As you'll see in the video, these guys don't really play many places as small as the Pavilion anymore. Tix are $26.25 (all in).  Tix at the box office my be slightly higher.

Take a look at AWOLNation live with this version "Kill Your Heros"

And here's the classic "Sail" video