So, what did the most recent Babe of the Week polling teach us? That dancers like Cydny Pina who model on the side are hott… Real hott.

Out of more than 600 voters, Pina scored the top spot with a little over 35 percent, while Heather Bianchi claimed just over 22 percent and the Barron Twins 16 percent.

Congrats to Pina, and be sure to keep her in mind for when the Babe of the Month voting starts. She’ll be going up against the hottest Babes featured in January. But in the mean time, check out this week’s winner below.





Here’s the deal: At the end of the week, each Babe of the Day will compete for your votes and the winner will become Babe of the Week. Each week’s winner will then face off to become Babe of the Month, and those winners will then duke it out for — you guessed it — the Babe of the Year title. Only those lucky ladies will be inducted into GuySpeed’s Hall of Fame, an honor reserved for the hottest of babes.