This is one of my favorite stories, because yes, ultimately I turn our to be a doof.  Here you are in one of the coolest places in the world, with some of the coolest people in the world and you're trying to be chill and WHAM!  You step on your own wiener.


So I had taken some listeners backstage to meet Bush. This was an the height of their popularity.  Nigel (the bald guy) was still in the band and Gavin had just married Gwen Stephani and we knew she was in the building somewhere too.  I mean this guy was ridin' the kind of hot streak at that time that would get you shut down in Vegas.

I have to tell you something about Gavin Rossdale.  He is one of the most handsome men on the planet.  I'm not kidding. I don't care if you don't have a gay bone in your body, when he enters the room, you're just like "I give up".  This freakin' guy doesn't even belong on the same planet with the rest of us dog face bastards. You just know that if it's you and Gavin in a room with 1000 women, there would be 1000 in line to have sex with him and you'd still be just plain honored to be in the same room while he pleasured all 1000.  YOU HAVE NO CHANCE WHEN GAVIN IS AROUND.

So Gavin enters the backstage area (which the band had tastefully cordoned off with large white scrims) and everyone flocks to him.  I mean his is over run.  There was no way I could keep things orderly as is my and the tour managers job.  So, I see another band member come in a minute or two after and he's just looking over at the mob like "Oh, it's the Gavin Show in here again".  So I decided to be "cool" and chat him up a bit.  We exchange a few pleasantries and I say, "hey man, I got a shitty little cover band and we do some Bush can you help me out with something?" And he's like "Sure mate".  And I said, "in the bridge of Everthing Zen" do you stick on that A or do you follow the guitar?" and he said "I don't know mate, I'm the drummer"..............Seriously.  I thought I was talking to the bass player.  So much for being cool.

I was supposed to have a chance at redeeming my Bush cool the very last time they played here too, but that didn't happen.   Gavin was supposed to come out during one of the songs and climb the lighting rigs and I was set to bodyguard him but he changed his mind at the last minute. He even commented between songs, as a cue to us, "that's a lot farther out than I thought".

And finally, Gavin doesn't mind "sharing" either.  Play this song for the lady in your life.  9 out of 10 times it will result in IMMEDIATE sex for you.  It's the least Gavin can do....