Aw you young punks with your internets and your frozen yogurts! You haven't advanced as far as you think and in fact, you missed some pretty great things. One of those things was getting all jacked up on something and going to "the Midnight Movies". More after the jump.


"The Midnight Movies" were just that, movies played after the regular stuff was done for the night.  We'd usually have Rocky Horror, Pink Floyd's The Wall, Heavy Metal, Fritz The Cat, Flesh Gordon, Evil Dead and a few other things more fun to watch in groups.  There were also lots of "Midnight Movie" showings that were just short film festivals and cartoons.  I remember one that came around every year for about 3-5 years and one of the shorts they always publicized was "Bambi Meets Godzilla".  Well, set yourself down and get ready, now you can watch this recreating of the classic right here on your internet box.