The Labor Day Heroes Blood Drive is officially on. Contrary to what the t.v. show "True Blood" tell you, we still have to get the human juice out of people.  I am personally asking all you tough guys to step up and get this done.  You've got tattoos and you've been hit in football and whacked your thumb with a why be shy about a little needle stick?

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This is a very important blood drive with a lot of people planning trips over Labor Day Weekend.  Those of us staying behind need to give the gift of life.  Let's break down that "gift of life" bit too. It's not just a slogan. Do you know that quite often premature babies need a little blood or blood products? Did you know sometimes it's equal to about a tablespoon?  Now imagine how many babies you can help out by ponying up a full pint of blood.

United Blood Services will have special hours this week to make it easy to remember to donate. Just drop by any weekday between 12 and 7 or Saturday between 9 and 2.

There are special incentives this week.  Every single day they will be giving away a 40 inch flat screen t.v.  Just donate and you're in the drawing.  FMX will be out several days to sweeten to the pot as well.  United Blood Services is at 48th & University.

Do something good for the world and for you fellow man, donate blood this week!