I am originally from California.  Then again I moved here when I was 17 and that was many, many years ago. I have spent 30 of my 52 years here, so yeah. I'm pretty much a Texan.


When I was a kid, a "Texan" was something that little kids wanted to grow up to be. Yeah, a "Texan" was like a superhero version of a regular cowboy.  Texans were noble, brave and stood up for the little guy.  I think we've lost some of that. I think politics and time have taken a toll on our image.  I also think there's a strong dose of reality in our degrading image too.

According to Texas Observer, we're not doing well at all. Just for a start we're first in hazardous waste produced and last in high school graduation.  Oh, and we're tops in a lot more negative columns as well.

My old boss, on his first day said, you guys are doing good, but "we can do better". It's a true statement for Texans as well.  We CAN do better. We can support our teachers and schools better, we can feed the poor better and we can clean up after ourselves better.  The first step towards "doing better" is admitting that we aren't the perfect noble Texans that we used to be.