I get a lot of flack for saying out loud what others just think.  Here's another one that will make some people mad.  When I deal with homophobes, ignorance and threats it's almost always someone from a small town (yes, I check out their profiles). It doesn't mean everyone who lives in a small town is this way, but some people never venture out and a get a broad view of the world.  I have many intelligent friends who live in small towns and I myself lived in Brownfield for two years.  It is possible to rise above the ignorance whether you're in a small town or a large one. Some people don't ever bother to better themselves.

My father in law who was as country as country could be and wore a cowboy hat every day of his life,  used to say "I'm sorry you've never been nowhere and never did nuthin'".  There are people who never have the benefit of being around different kinds of people or seeing different experiences.  It really is, small town ignorance.  The good news is, it's going away.  As these people connect to the internet and their smart phones they are bringing experiences to them.

The sad thing is there are those that pander to their ignorance and play off it.  The other day  I put up a blog about Stone Cold Steve Austin coming out in favor of gay marriage.  I had a couple of objections to it and both were from tiny towns (sorry it's a fact).  One even went so far as to infer that this is a "Lib" issue.  I, myself don't see where this issue is political AT ALL.  You can claim it's a religious issue, but as long as you want this to truly be a free country, you don't want Republicans or Democrats making laws about what you can or can't do with another person.  You can fight about spending, gun rights, abortion or any of a number of issues, but this issue needs to stay outside of the political arena.  If they can tell you who you can or cannot marry, then they could tell you what job you can or cannot have.

Your mom and dad and community did the best job they could do raising you.  Even if you're a Rhodes scholar that doesn't mean that the world at large can't teach you more.  Make your judgements and decision based on knowledge, not on ignorance.  The world is changing, you can be that ignorant old bitter man or woman or you can embrace these changes and join humanity as it moves forward.

My father-in-law always lived in tiny towns, but he went into the military and later made his living driving all over this country.  He drove bus loads of college students and busloads of foreign visitors and probably even a busload of gay tourists every once in a while.  He was around people of all types and he loved it.  He learned that people from other places don't bite. He learned that people who like things that didn't interest him didn't bother him.  He also learned that everyone is just trying to be happy.     Get out into the world and meet some people and see some things before you attempt to judge others.  Rise above the racists, homophobes and haters.  Let everybody else be happy and I promise, you'll be happy too.

This blog is dedicate to Thomas Trout, father of three beautiful girls, Korean War Vet and coffee shop philosopher.