I remember the first time "Woody" and I hung out together to get to know each other, the entire time she sat looking at the TV directly over my shoulder watching a soccer game.

At that time I really did not know anything about soccer, let alone the names of any players.Later that same year not only did I know the names of many players, I was also understanding the game, I even found myself watching games without her around.

It was that same year that perhaps the most famous futbol player, second only to Pele', signed a deal to play in the MLS for the Los Angeles Galaxy. That deal made David Beckham a name nearly every American knew, not just females and soccer fans.

Nearly seven years later and millions and millions of US dollars spent paying the star and buying his products, David Beckham has decided to leave the team.

Today, Becks played his last game with the American team, who helped him usher that game out as a win for his career.

Now that it's all said and done, there is one question I find myself asking, if he plans to play some where else, is there someone willing to sign a 37 year old?