I don't mind saying that I had a problem with an idiot on the internet (again).  Is "idiot" too strong a word?  Well what would you call someone who would spread hate and lies around without even to bother to find out if it's true?


Now I'm aware a lot of you "hate" the President for whatever reason.  If you have some "reason" based in fact, then I'm not really going to take issue with you.  To spread around a hateful message without knowing whether it's true or not, is just wrong and makes whatever real problems you have less believable.  How am I or anybody going to know that you have a real issue, if you're spreading lies the rest of the time?

The latest issue is a meme claiming that some Missouri school teacher "may get fired" for giving the President a piece of her mind. Well people are spreading this around like wildfire, and IT'S NOT TRUE.  That, and not presidential politics is the real reason for this blog.  Check Snopes (and to check this particular meme, check here). If you take two minutes you can find out, like in this case, that the letter was real, but was written by some disgruntled misinformed man, and someone just made up the "poor teacher" story and added a picture well after the fact just to get you whipped into a frenzy.  Guess what, people are falling for it, and it just spreads the stupid.

This isn't a one time thing either. Anytime you see some really sob sorry, or any really mean story, or any call to action, take just a minute to find out and see if it's real.  If it's real, then by all means spread your message, but if you're spreading lies no one is going to believe you when you really need to get the word out. It's going to take people like you to stop these things dead in their tracks, it just doesn't help your cause or anyone elses cause when dumb stuff gets passed along.  Remember this is the INTERNET, it doesn't have "fact check" built in.