There were a ton of great concerts in Lubbock in 2012. We saw big shows and we saw some unreal club shows. There was no lack of talented bands to come through Lubbock this year. You could actually say the cup overflowed with killer bands. That's why we sat down and picked our favorite shows of the year. Some you won't be surprised by and some you'll be surprised we left off. Check em out.

  • Birthday Bash

    Wes Nessman's Pick

    Korn never disappoints in the eyes of Wes.

    Jo Hale, Getty Images
  • Godsmack

    Heathen's Pick

    Sully and crew put on a killer show at this year's X-Fest.

    Ethan Miller, Getty Images
  • Godsmack

    Painman's Pick

    Godsmack is one of my favorite live bands of all time, so to see them share the stage with Staind, Halestorm and Man Made Machine was definitely my Highlight of the Year. That, and I drank all of Driver’s beer. Free beer is always the best.

    Ethan Miller, Getty Images
  • Birthday Bash/X-Fest

    Driver's Pick

    The entire weekend for Driver goes down as one of the funnest weekends of all time.

    Jason Kempin, Getty Images
  • Cannibal Corpse

    Rooster's Pick

    Rooster had been waiting so long for this show and finally came. He was like a kid in a candy store. He couldn't contain his excitement.

  • Carnival Of Madness

    Dale's Pick (The Boss)

    The Carnival of Madness was a huge show. It was the ladies who really made the show amazing as Halestorm and Evanescence blew everyone away.

  • Ian Moore

    Bob W's Pick (Digital Guy)

    It was Ian Moore doing what he does best. Back to the basics and blues to the core.

    Facebook: Ian Moore