I always enjoy debating metal with my fellow peers at work and with metal heads around. The discussion always comes to the best Metal albums of all time. Over the next few weeks i'll be bringing you my lists of best metal albums from different decades. First off we start with the best metal albums of the 2000s. Check out the list below and give the tracks a listen. Tell me what you think and let the debate begin.

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    The Dethalbum


    Why not have a little fun with a list. Dethklok kicks us off at #10 since they're the most brutal band in the world.

    Williams Street
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    God Hates Us All


    "God Hates Us All is the 9th studio album from Slayer." To me it resurrected the band and stirred up controversy with the title of it. Plain and simple, it's a kick ass album.

    American Records
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    Sons of Northern Darkness


    It was the seventh album released from the band. Immortal breaks the rules of being a Norwegian Black Metal band by leaving out the satanic lyrics by using their culture in the themes of their music.

    Nuclear Blast America
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    Cradle of Filth

    Nymphetamine is the sixth album from Cradle of Filth and their first on Roadrunner Records. It's the first album that got me into extreme music (borderline satanic). The album's vocals come together to make a beautiful album.

    Roadrunner Records
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    The Apostasy


    It is the 8th studio album from Behemoth. A Piano and horn section were used in some of the songs and gives it a real dynamic sound. It was also their first album to chart. I dig on this because it showed the range that Behemoth could do.

    Century Media
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    New Found Power


    It was the debut album for Damageplan and it featured Dimebag Darrell and his brother Vinnie Paul after they left Pantera. The Album was very important for it's time because it was like a breath of fresh air in metal. It was the return of Dimebag and Vinnie doing what they do best.

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    The Somatic Defilement


    It was the debut album from Whitechapel and it really defined what deathcore was and still is today. It's a standard in heavy metal today.

    Candle Light
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    Job For A Cowboy

    Doom is an EP that only had six tracks but still got picked up by a major metal record label in Metal Blade. There was nothing in heavy metal that sounded like Job for a Cowboy in the mid 2000s. This album is still a standard of what death metal and deathcore sound like to this day.

    Metal Blade
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    Lamb Of God

    This album started all of the hating on Lamb of God because they went "Mainstream." The album brought much needed attention to what was happening in the world of metal.

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    Enough Said.

    Roadrunner Records