There's always something to talk about in Lubbock. Great places to eat, holidays, ghosts and more. We at FMX decided we'd break everything down for you and give you the Best of Lubbock so far from what we've done. If there's anything you want us to investigate or dive into, let us know!

  • Best Halloween Parties and Events in Lubbock

    FMX and Halloween go hand in hand. We break down everything fun to do in Lubbock on the haunted day of party!

    Nightmare on 19th
  • Halloween Costumes in Lubbock

    As we just mentioned, FMX and Halloween are old friends. We want you to always look your best Halloween so we suggest our favorites.

    Mr. 119th Street, Flickr
  • Best Places to Have a Bachelor Party

    We like to party at FMX and we also know where to party. Bachelor parties are kind of our thing.

    Hooters Myspace