I really wanted to call this "Survival of the Sh@ttiest", but thought better.  I knew I'd work it in somehow anyways. I'm not sure what all of the "occupy" people really want, but there is one thing going on that I'd like to comment on.  Read more after the break.

One of the sh@ttiest moves corporations are pulling, but no one seems to be talking about, is firing full-time workers and replacing them with part-time workers.  This allows the corporation to avoid paying benefits, severely reducing costs.

The problem is we have a chicken and egg situation in that there are so few jobs that people who would normally hold out for the better full-time jobs are taking the part-time jobs, then the people who would have filled the part-time jobs have nothing.  This is one of the worst practices the stock market folks/and big retailer folks are practicing.  Not only do they take away the livelihood of someone who has invested their life in a company, us customers end up having to deal with under-qualified "help" when we need it in the stores.  Right now though, it's cheaper for the big stores to hire three part-timers at 30 hours a week than to hire a full-timer that can do the work better and more efficiently.

So what's it going to take to change this practice?  Simple, more jobs.  When there are more jobs, retailers have to offer better pay and benefits. You could also factor in insurance from health care costs-as long as they're sky-high employers are going to shy away from them when possible.

I'm not an economist and I'm also against government regulation, but I'm not seeing any "light at the end of this tunnel" anytime soon.  What about you?  Have your job prospects got better or worse? Are you just holding onto your present job until something better comes along? Are you "overqualified" for what you're doing?  Or....do you think the "occupy" people are just the lazy sore that expect a lot for very little?