Wow, this is crazy news.  We first received word that David Draiman injured his voice late this morning.  His agent said he was planning on returning to the stage for our show, but as the day progressed it became apparent he needed more time to heal.  As luck would have it, and yes there was a lot of luck to it, there were a number of bands available to fill in for Device.  More after the show.


While we are very sorry for you Device fans, we are THRILLED to announce that FILTER will be joining the FMX Big Purple Party.  The band just released an awesome new song (listen below) and are KILLER live.  Richard Patrick (brother of Terminator 2 and True Blood star Robert Patrick) confirmed the change himself this afternoon with Mike Driver.

As we said before, with 21 bands you have a hundred different problems that could crop up and we are sad that our friend David Draiman couldn't make it to town.  The RockShow talked to David last week (in fact, clips of that interview are being used on the nationally syndicated "Loudwire" radio show this weekend).

If you'd like to wish David well, you can do so here.

If you'd like all the info on the FMX Big Purple Party you can find it here.

Once again, it is RARE that you can lose a band like Device and replace them with someone the caliber of Filter.  Our thanks to Din Productions for making this happen.  As for the rest of the lineup, everyone is on for now.  We've actually interviewed Tesla, Nonpoint, Hollywood Undead, Asking Alexandria, Falling in Reverse, Filter and have had greetings sent from Beware of Darkness.  We are scheduled to talk to Bush and Theory of a Deadman in the coming days.  Oh, and one other secret for you readers.  The astute will notice several other bands of note in the audience that are we didn't have room to put on the bill that are just coming to party down with you.   We have other surprises planned for you as well.