It was a couple weeks ago that Billy Corgan called out some of his peers in the music industry including Soundgarden for only wanting to make money with their reunion tours.

When I first went in and listened to the interview I was in full support of Soundgarden and was on the bandwagon of Billy Corgan was just hating on Soundgarden.

But when I listened to Billy Corgan explain his reasoning I believe he is dead on. Do I believe that these bands are touring just for the money? I can't answer that, because I hope that these bands want to continue to play the music that we love. But I can also say that those bands aren't turning down the big fat check that they expecting.

Would Soundgarden play a show at Jake's? That would be a big NO! But they could play the Lonestar Amphitheater, but would they? Probably not because the money isn't right for them.

I am torn between both sides of the argument, But talking from a fans perspective we should be entitled to the best show possible, whether its a band on their reunion tour or a local band playing for us. We deserve the best for supporting them.

You can skip the interview and go straight to the part where Billy Corgan is talking about Soundgarden and his peers in music. At the 4 minute and 19 second mark and let me know your thoughts about this topic.