Man I'm feeling the new "Black Stone Cherry".  If you're a fan, it's probably not new to you, but traditionally bands and record companies feed radio stations 'one song at a time' .  We just got the latest release from Black Stone Cherry and it's an EXCELLENT followup to "In My Blood".  More after the jump.

The new release from Black Stone Cherry brings southern rock back full circle.  This reminds me of when Lynyrd Skynyrd was releasing songs with the original lineup (yes I'm that old).  Somewhere between Skynyrd and now, southern rock kind of floundered, and now Black Stone Cherry is bringing it back.  This track sounds earnest, heartfelt and kick ass.  I would also say that this song sounds like what every song on country radio wishes it sounded it like.  So far there's only a static video and some live performances, but they are definitely worth checking out.