Last night in The Backroom Of Jake's Blessthefall and A Skylit Drive threw down and it was a show that I will remember for a long time.

First off this isn't a blog where I am going to tell you how you should of been there because you missed out on anything. All i can say is this is in my top 5 concert shows of all time.

From the very beginning of the night I knew something was in the air. The doors opened for at 7pm and there was such a melting pot of people I was really surprised everyone from teenagers to crafty veterans of the Lubbock music scene was there. End, Ocean opened the show followed by Skip the Foreplay and At The Skylines all threw down some killer sets. A Skylit Drive was the direct support and set the tone for when Blessthefall took the stage.

When Blessthefall took the stage the crowd took a huge turn with the mood being so stoked to see a band we haven't seen in 3 years. I immediately made my way to the front of the stage and got ready for one killer metal show.

Blessthefall is not a punk a band by any means but the crowd was so insane with the crowd surfing and moshing that we all moved as one huge unit. I am very comfortable saying that this is what it had to be like during the punk movement during the 70's and 80's. I left the crowd to get up on stage to help with the crowd surfers making their way to the stage when lead singer Beau called for the crowd to grab a High Five and Stage Dive which is some thing that was so cool I had to look back and think this is one of coolest things I have been apart of. At one point during the show Beau pulled a young girl on the stage and we all sang happy Birthday to her and she stage dove for the very first time. I mean you don't get that at just any show. It wasn't just the crowd that was into it, you could just tell that Blessthefall was so into he show you got a vibe from them that they were happy to play. Not just getting up on stage playing and leaving but the crowd and band interaction was unreal.

The whole point of this blog is to say that If you were apart of last night you still have a smile on your face from either helping people crowd surf or singing along with the band and just having fun.

The time is over for bands to just stand around play the hits and bail off stage. We work to hard for our money, for concert tickets and merch to have a sub par show. We need to demand that we need to be entertained from the bands that come to our city and ask for our support, now I am not talking about bringing every person onstage for stage diving or singing Happy Birthday to everyone that happens to have a Birthday but some crowd interaction would be nice.


Blessthefall gave me a show that I will never forget ever. It didn't matter if you were a metal head or not last night we saw one of the best show to ever come through Lubbock and we didn't care who was there and who wasn't. When you go to shows and concerts we deserve to be entertained. And Blessthefall did just that.