I am very stoked for the return of Blessthefall and we will throw down tonight. I have all of your details and set times right here.


It was a few years ago when As I Lay Dying and Demon Hunter took the stage at The Cactus Courtyard when Blessthefall lead singer Beau took a twenty foot stage dive off the corner of the truss front of the stage of The Cactus Courtyard.

It was by far one of the craziest things I have ever seen from a band live. He got back on the stage and continued their set like he has done a 1000 times before.

There is no telling what Blessthefall has in store when they take the stage tonight in the Backroom of Jake’s.

the show will be at Jake's 50th and Slide with the doors opening at 7pm with a $20 door charge.

End,Ocean at 730

Skip the Foreplay 815

At The Skylines 9pm

A Skylit Drive 945

And then at 1045 we get Blessthefall for a complete hour set.


I hope you can make it out to see one of the best live bands touring right now, blessthefall.