It's rate that I go see a band and have nothing constructive to say.  I can usually give them a few stage, sound or other tips.  After seeing Blindfold Charlie all I could say is "keep doing what you're doing".  Read more after the jump.

Blindfold Charlie plays two sets at Nightmare tonight. You'll enjoy their melodic vocals with decidedly hard rock mixed with pop/punk sound.  These guys are really a part of the next wave of musicians, bypassing scream-o and heading right into a polished sound.  All of this and they are young (and handsome!).  Not only can you see them play live tonight, the drummer does double duty as a clown in the courtyard of our Sanitarium.  Come check 'em out tonight. There's no charge to come watch the band and if you want to check out the haunted houses that's just $20 for all three. If you'd like more info on Nightmare on 19th Street you can click here.