Only in West Texas can you experience every season in one week! It seems like it was a week ago today that we were having winter, right?Just a week ago we had snow flurries and freezing temperatures and today we have 50 mile an hour winds... I SWEAR I just saw a cow fly by...

I hear people complaining about the weather here everyday and wonder what the big deal is, give it 24 hours and it will change!

Granted days like today suck (or blow depending on how you look at it).

If you are sitting around mad about today's weather how about you get out and do something that will make you feel good...

Come over to United Blood Services until 7 tonight and join me for the 7th annual Blood Driver Blood Drive.

Let Les Long and his crew bleed you and feed you with free Pizza from Pizza Hut and just for donating you will be entered to win X-fest tickets, FMX Birthday Bash Tickets, a free $100.00 tattoo from our friend Tony at Flamingoo Ink and a ton of other cool prize

What are you waiting for get over here and join me at 48th and University at UBS and help save a life t