Tuesday night, two days before Thanksgiving, students out for the holiday, many people in town were either off on Wednesday or had short work hours, some knew they had a full day of work, or a long drive ahead; but that did not stop the crowds of people from pouring in to Wild West.

Blue October hit the Hub City last night with full force to a packed house of people ready to sing their hearts out and kick off the holiday.

Justin and the guys have not played in Lubbock since April of 2010 and let me tell you their fans were more than ready for a live show from the guys. From the minute they took the stage they had the fans singing along, dancing and having a great time.

For ninety minutes the band played hits like "When You Leave," "Into the Ocean," The Worry List," and "Hate Me," just to name a few. With each song the crowd sang, swayed and screamed for more.

Sadly however, like all good things the show had to come to an end. And when it did the fans slowly dispersed and set out each their own way with one common thread. All experienced a great show and an awesome way to kick off any long weekend!