We all have a favorite body part that we constantly check out on the opposite sex Some people like eyes, some people look at teeth, some people like butts and then there are those people (Ethan) that no matter what (Ethan) are drawn to boobs... So in honor of my bro The Heathan I thought I'd offer up a couple.... a couple of boobs that is.... Woody swears "boobs" run through Ethan's mind every 3 seconds typical converstaion, Hi! How are you (boobs) today? Cool I had a (boobs) taco and a (boobs) Dr. Pepper for (boobs) lunch. Well I gave him my camera at Triple J's one day and check out the video he shot.... We love ya bro!

One saggy boob said to the other saggy boob:
"If we don't get some support soon, people will think we're nuts"...   Stare at the video