Weekends, for most of us, are filled with chores, cleaning house, washing the car, going to the store and so on. The one thing that no one in our house likes to do is the weekly grocery shopping. I am sure we have all seen and heard stories of the never boring sights one can see at their local Wal-Mart. Peopleofwalmart.com anyone? It does not matter if you are at your local Wal-Mart or out of town someplace in one, there are always interesting sights. A few years ago Woody called me and told me there was a wedding going on in one of the local Wal-Marts between the women's wear and the jewelry. She sent me pictures too.

Then was the guy we saw in one in San Antonio at 3 a.m. buying himself a bra, mascara, fake boobs and high heels. Or the guy here in the yellow short shorts, yellow tank top, and yellow furry slippers who bent down to "share" with us that he was wearing no underwear.

Someone PLEASE tell me what these people are thinking?!  Now it seems in addtion to the website featuring strange sights of the store there are people making their own music videos and getting shoppers as well as other customers to join in on the process.

Check out these videos, both shot in stores, then share with all of us some of your odd experiences at Wal-Mart.