What do Sammy Hagar, Kid Rock, Jesse James Dupree and Mariah Carey have in common? Besides the obvious that they all like boobs. Wait that's not the answer.

You  may or may not know that all four of these performers have developed their own brands of booze. Most of you are probably already knew Sammy Hagar had his own brand of throw down juice called Cabo Wabo. Many of you have probably even had a sampling of Jesse James Dupree's beer, but if one of you tell me you have had Mariah Carey's "I Feel Pretty" punch then I'm gonna jump through this computer and bitch slap ya!

Check out this site to see what other rockers... ok so Mariah does not count as a rocker... but she does "sing...."  this is a pretty cool list. Some of this stuff I have never even heard of and that's saying a lot.