I make it a point to NOT read Rolling Stone.  They lost me LONG ago.  I would not even know about this controversy if it were not for a Facebook post by David Draiman (Device, Disturbed).  The cover features the bomber (he doesn't deserve a name) looking out you like he's one of the Jonas Brothers trying to get teenage girls to buy one of his albums.

These assbag mass killers are drawn to publicity like moths to a flame.  They want attention for themselves and/or attention of their "causes".  Putting one of the front page of a magazine, no matter what the contents of the article are, is just a pathetic, cheap attempt at selling mags.  This time though, Rolling Stone has overstepped in it.  This could be, and hopefully will be, the end of this hippie rag.  YES, these stories need to be told, but not presented in a way that could inspire future killers and terrorists.

Here's a great video of Eddie Vedder wiping his ass with a Rolling Stone Magazine