Brent Smith vocalist and Zach Myers guitarist of Shinedown will release 4 more acoustic tracks on March 18th and you need to checkout this cover of "Someone Like You" from Adele.

 Smith & Myers “Acoustic Sessions” has been released and features covers of Black Crowes, The Clash, Metallica as well as Soul Asylum and Kenny Wayne Shepard.

I am not gonna lie I am just a little disappointed with some of the covers especially the cover of “Blue On Black” by Kenny Wayne Shepard. Don’t get me wrong Brent Smith has some serious pipes but I think he just missed this one just by a thread. The Soul Asylum cover is really really good which shows off that talent, but I am not a fan of most of the covers on this EP.

I totally believe that Smith & Myers have redeemed themselves with this cover and yes just this one cover because it showcases Brent Smith's vocals the way they should be.

Checkout the cover and let me know what you think.