Yes, you read that right. Bret Micheals has taken another chunk of his soul and sold it for a few bucks. Fresh off launching his line of pet clothes for Petsmart, Brett is back with another venture that makes even less sense. Backing up just a bit, the last time I was in Petsmart all of the Bret Micheals collection was on clearance, so that may not be going so well (or there's a newer 'winter' line of fashions coming, or something). More after the jump.


So in the the new FreeCreditScore commercial you can 'turn the Bret Micheals up or down' and for some reason the dumb asses turn it up.  It's really kind of odd, because there's no real connection between the Bret, the song, or even the credit services.  If he maybe changed some lyrics and sang "Talk interest to me" or something it might make sense but he doesn't, he's just some kind of weird site gag. So in case you want to see just how low this dude can sink, here you go: