It's no secret I am a NASCAR junky! I LOVE my Sunday's kicking back with Gunner and watching me some NASCAR baby and it is ON this weekend with the Brickyard 400!

I just found out that Ned Jerrett will be the grand marshall for Sunday's race, how freaking cool is that?

Jarrett had 13 wins and 42 top fives out of 54 races. In 1965 Jarrett blew the doors off all the other drivers at the Darlington Raceway Southern 500 as he finished a full14 laps ahead of other drivers, a recod that still stands today as the largest margin of victory in Sprint Cup history.

What a friggin rush that must be, huh?

All I know is tomorrow me and the "G-man" will be on the couch screaming out lungs out for number 24 (Jeff Gordon for those of you that have yet to indulge in "racin'.....not to call anyone out....Woody).

You know what they say, records are set be broken, COME ON NUMBER 24!!!