Every year during football season it seems local furniture stores run sales targeting women they call football widows, a term for women who's husbands virtually check out on chores, marriage, life during football season.I have been lucky Woody is a huge football fan too so I don't have to listen to her whine about me watching football all day and not paying attention to her.... "firth and ten baby, firth and ten..." it's an inside joke...rhymes with bed.

I have never understood how women can feel neglected when their man is sitting in the same house watching TV, until Woody found a new app called "Song Pop."

Basically you get a 10 second clip of a song to identify (some times it's by title, other times by band/singer) the first one to get it gets the big points.

Players challenge each other in a tournament over a 6 day span and the one who identifies the most songs and artists correctly wins.

Now, I don't mean to be a whiner or anything but come on, I'm hungry, I need a hair cut, my socks are dirty, and I need my back rubbed woman!