Note: Please welcome Jordan to our Blog Squad. Jordan is a Texas Tech student and friend of the station. You can click on her name to find out more.

It really bothers me how some people can be so hateful or mean to someone for no reason. Why do it? To make yourself feel better even though you are saying it in confidence to the people around you or the people that are your friends, or at least you think they’re your friends but really they probably talk shit about you all the time to other people, or is it maybe because you think it makes yourself look cool? And what’s even crazier is that someone doesn’t stand up for the other person that is being talked about even if the person that is being talked about literally has no idea that they are being talked about or made fun of. NO ONE STANDS UP FOR THEM!!


So today I am ordering lunch at one of the many eating establishments on campus here at Texas Tech and when I was done ordering with the cashier and I was waiting for my name to be called, someone walked by with their friend and said, and I quote, “Maybe the orders would go quicker if they didn’t have a DYSLEXIC cashier.” ….I’M SORRY!?!?! BUT WHAT THE HECK! The cashier had done nothing to him and considering it was rush hour with everyone trying to get their lunch I figured the cashier was doing the best they could do. Not to mention that this is a fellow student that they are talking about. After I got my food and after I really REALLY thought about what I was going to do next I went up to the asshole that said this. “Excuse me,” I said, “I don’t want to cause any trouble or any argument for that matter but I would just like to tell you that what you said about the cashier was very rude and uncalled for and I honestly don’t know you or even how your day has been but there is ZERO reason to make fun of someone or talk badly about them when you don’t even know them and to call someone DYSLEXIC when you don’t know anything about them is horrible because for all you know they could be DYSLEXIC and how would you feel if someone made fun of you or one of YOUR friends who might have a disability?” The guy looked at me and said, “You know what, you’re right. I shouldn’t have said that. When I said it I thought it would be funny or thought of as a joke but when you really think about it there is nothing funny about what I said. I’m very sorry for the crude joke I made.” Somewhat satisfied by his reaction and realization I replied, “I don’t care about an apology towards me. I just wanted you to realize how much of asshole you were for saying something like that.” After that I left to go eat my lunch and felt somewhat accomplished in what I had just done.

Bullying is never okay and being someone who was bullied in school more times than I could count, having things thrown at me and being beaten up along with other various degrees of bullying, I could never condone ANYONE being bullied. It’s just wrong. So the next time you see someone being bullied or someone that just needs help, STAND UP for that person. Because them knowing SOMEONE cares, is a gift that they just might need to know they aren’t alone.