Okay, I will be one of the first women to admit that we can be kind of crazy at times. We can be very selfish, somewhat insane, and, in a sense just an all-around bitch. We’re women, we want to feel like we’re the only ones important sometimes and why shouldn’t we? We do create human life and carry that life around for 9 months and just so the guys don’t complain and get their tighty whities all in a bunch, yes, we need you to carry on the human race too….sometimes.

Jordan Brown

Anyways, I was having a conversation with my friend the other day and we were talking about how women are perceived and if we aren’t allowed to be strong than how should we be? The point made was that if women are strong they are immediately put down for being masculine or intimidating to most men. On the other hand, if women are in a sense “weak” then they are immediately shot down and put into the category of being clingy or very needy. Basically being the ‘damsel in distress’ type. Now, if this is the case being made, how in the hell are women supposed to be!! I mean really? You people need to make up your minds because to be perfectly honest women who aren’t strong, or at least can’t hold their own in the real world, are immediately shot down and worth absolutely nothing to some people. We are literally perceived as these things that men have no idea what to do with. Well, except for creating babies….YOU GET THE PICTURE!!

This whole conversation brought to light how women are thought of as weak, not as important, or to be blunt, sex objects. This is something that is just not okay. Women may be completely different and we may be insane sometimes but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to be respected. A woman with a level head on her shoulders can create anything a man could in this world. It is my personal belief that when a woman can be strong and have a level head on her shoulders and is able to pick out the differences between what is important and what is petty bullshit is worth something a lot more than what most people would perceive her as. Women are tough, they're strong, and they can sometimes handle a lot more than necessary. This post isn’t meant to stir up anything, it’s just meant to bring to light how women can be so much more than they’re perceived. We can be hard and tough during the day and then sexy and desirable at night. We have the power to be who and whatever we want to be. So to the women reading this, I hope this helped you out a little bit or made you feel a little better or even stronger. To the men reading this, just remember that women can have you wrapped around their finger any time they want to… HAHA! I’m just kidding…But I’m really not. Have a great day everyone! ;-)