Ah, yes. The illustrious F-word. Buckcherry has recently chosen to make an entire EP out of the word. Yes, the brand new EP is simply the F-word in its grand splendor. The new songs off the EP also feature that non-radio friendly, yet perfect word. Check out a new tune here.

The new one that the band is streaming exclusively through SoundCloud lies through the link below. It's entitled "Somebody F--ked With Me" joining the other songs, "Say F--k It", "The M------f--ker", "I Don't Give a F--k", "It's a F--king Disaster" and of course, "Fist F--k".

Put it all together and you have a new EP from the band. The entire thing lands tomorrow, but get a quick taste by clicking here. By the way, these songs include the F-word. A lot. Like, a whole lot.