The Buddy Holly statue will be dedicated today at 4 pm, and we have a little surprise for them. As a form of  protest, we decided that we would forever make ourselves a part of rock and roll history. On Easter Sunday of last year, we buried a time capsule on the location.

We then kept quiet about it so that it would be both paved and landscaped over so that nothing could be done about it. Now this generation and future generations (who care) will know that we have forever linked out history with the history of the Buddy Holly relocation. Even if no one cares, we find it satisfying that we did something instead of just letting certain city leaders just roll over us with no thought to public concerns.

What's in the time capsule? Well at this time we're not saying. Is it controversial, is it benign or some combination of the two? The important thing to us is that we made a statement about this silly and to me offensive project.

Below is part of a previous article I wrote about the topic a while back.

Well, I'm still mad they tore down the HISTORIC Depot Warehouse and South Beach. I still believe they were tore down for two reasons. 1. To get rid of "elements' (ie: races) that they didn't want in the District and 2. To improve the site lines to certain businesses in the District.

What the numbnuts didn't realize was that we need all kinds of people and all kinds of business in the District to keep it viable. I don't think that side of the District is ever going to recover from the loss of South Beach. Even the businesses that are doing well, could be doing better if we had the "critical mass" of a real entertainment district.

Now it's split into two areas and that keeps the "District" from being a destination. What I mean by this is, if you don't know what you want to do in Austin, you go to "Sixth Street" then find something to do.  Now people will go to Melt or Wild West, but people don't just load up and go "to the district".