Various reports, including one from our own KFYO say that up to 800 jobs could be lost due to state budget cuts.  Tech could be forced to slash $100 million dollars.  Tech hopes that attrition will take care of some of the cuts, but that there will be cuts.

The problem lies in the fact that that story generally followed up with Tech spending $5 million dollars for improvements at Dan Law Field.  Then, we have stories of the exorbitant salaries paid to coaches.  The problem is that these things are apples and oranges.  You can't take money away from a money making program to help a lesser funded area because it might endanger the one that IS making Monday.  It's a weird conundrum.

What sucks is that the $5 million that is being used to improve Dan Law Field is made up of donations.  It kind of makes you wonder if someone shouldn't be rustling up more funds for the general education areas of Texas Tech.

What do you think Tech should do?  Live within their means?  Raise more money?  Find away to shift funds from the revenue generating programs?  Have the administrators take an accounting class?