I don't know if I'll do many blogs on this theme but the truth is a lot of movies aren't as good as you remember them.  For instance, the cheesy music in Scarface just ruins the repeat viewing experience (for me).  However, there are some movies that are too good to remake so you just need to catch 'em when they show up on cable or even on Netflix.

I tried to find a specific scene from this movie for you, but came up with a funny one instead. This movie goes all the way back to 1969. Yeah, I saw it at the drive-in when I was seven. It had one of the best semi-nude scenes ever,with the lovely Katherine Ross unbuttoning her nightgown and showing double side boob.

Anyways, the reason I went ahead and did a blog on this movie is that this movie really depicted original gangsters, players and bad guys that you actually root for.  A lot of you have wondered all your life what anyone ever saw in the craggy faced Robert Redford, well ladies, take a look at him in this little snippet from 1969, he was the big 'hunk' that year.

I think this little short clip shows some classic subtle comedy interaction between Redford & Newman (Butch and Sundance).  Most films of this era do not hold up; this one does. If you get a chance, check it out. It's worth your time.

Don't let the trailer fool you.  This movie is actually pretty gritty and is, after all, about two dudes in love with the same woman.