It's killing me that I don't have "Call of Duty Black Ops". I think I'm going to have to break down and pick it up soon. I LOVE first person shooters, but I have a Wii.

X-Box Live users can get five all new maps on the 3rd, including a killer "Call Of The Dead" map featuring Danny Trejo, Sara Michelle Gellar and more. I've got to untangle this mess. Check out the trailers below and then see if you can help a brother out.

Okay, see if you can help me with these questions:

*Is "Call Of Duty Black Ops" for the WII as good as the Xbox 360 version?

*Have you heard if the 5 map "Escalation" download will be available for the Wii?

Thanks for any help or advice you can give. I may be ready to pony up for another game system soon, but if I can get most of the experience on the Wii, then I'll probably wait.